Apr 16, 2016


Here's just a little wrap up of what I've done so far in the improv world:

  • Started training in Hamburg in Spring 2012
  • hooked eversince
  • Joined veteran Hamburg improv ensemble Zuckerschweine (founded 1998) in Fall 2014
  • Founding member of long form aspiring Horner Kreisel (coaching, creating and trying out new formats with the ensemble)
  • Host of Gänge Impro - Monthly longform night in Hamburg's Gängeviertel
  • Recurring guest in other groups improv shows in Hamburg Berlin and elsewhere

Took classes with

That's me there on the right with the pointy finger... obviously having fun.

Acting it out at the Annoyance in Chicago.


Jan 27, 2016


Ihr könnt mich in erster Linie bei den Zuckerschweinen (Hamburg) sehen. Ab und zu bin ich auch mit dem Horner Kreisel unterwegs oder springe auf die Bühne wo auch immer man mich lässt.

...diese Seite zu checken sollte ab sofort zu Eurer täglichen routine gehören. NIX VERPASSEN!


In Hamburg I usuall play with the improv team Zuckerschweine and once in a while with a team called Horner Kreisel. And if anyone let's me I'll enter any stage and join whoever else is up there with me.

...checking his page should be part of your morning routine. DON'T MISS OUT!